The Association of Diverse Fitness Professionals, Inc.

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ADFP offers fun free and low-cost exercise classes and health education to culturally diverse and lower income communities.


Bringing health education, fitness and wellness into the community.


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We are personal trainers, nurses, fitness instructors, nutritionists, doctors, counselors, mind-body guides and more…

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The Association of Diverse Fitness Professionals, Inc. (ADFP) was founded by fitness expert, Althea Lawton-Thompson, in 2005 and became a 501c3 agency in 2006. ADFP is dedicated to providing fitness and wellness instruction, education and programming to youth, families, seniors, and the disabled specifically targeting but not limited to ethnically diverse, lower income, underserved communities. Further, ADFP serves as a forum and bridge to unite professionals from diverse preventive care, public health and wellness fields. ADFP is made up of exercise instructors, health educators, nurses, doctors, public health professionals, nutritionists, and personal trainers. We have partnered with government agencies, fitness centers and medical facilities to put on health fairs, fitness events, ongoing exercise classes, cooking demonstrations, educational school programs and more. If you are a health professional or company, we welcome you to become a part of our community.


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Christina Gordon

Executive Director
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Althea Lawton-Thompson

Assistant Executive Director
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Corinn Elmore

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Twan Leonard


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